I am the Director of Teaching in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of St. Andrews and I am  passionate about my teaching. I regularly update and revise my courses delivered in the UK and in Africa. and I currently teach two courses at Masters level (Level 5) and regularly deliver workshops in St. Andrews and abroad.
University-based Teaching (see more)



Workshop teaching in the UK


 Introduction to Statistical Modelling (4 days)

Flexible Models for Correlated Count or Multi-Category data (4 days)


Workshop teaching in Africa



External Funders


Marine Scotland (Scottish Government)

Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)

Department of Trade and Industry

Scottish Hydro and Electric Power Distribution Plc.

European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)

Scottish Natutral Heritage (SNH)

Natural England.


Research (see more)


My research is largely concerned with the development of methods for data collected over space and time. In  particular I am interested in methods that

permit the identification of spatially explicit change and methods which adequately capture nonlinearites on a variety of spatial scales, while accounting for the temporal elements of the data.


My work primarily finds application in the marine renewables sector and is concerned with environmental impact assessment.


External funders


I am regularly involved in several projects for external agencies. Most frequently I am commissioned for my advice, analysis and peer review. Some of these agencies include:


  • Scottish Natural Heritage

  • Marine Scotland

  • Natural England

  • Joint Nature Conservation Committee

  • Scottish Hydro Electric plc.

  • Department of Trade and Industry (Scotland).